Internal organization of work and contacts for specific areas

  • Business cooperation agreements and logistics:
    Dušan Cimerman (German, English, Serbo-Croatian)
    Dejan Cimerman, (German, English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian)
  • Transportation services and logistics:
    Dejan Cimerman, inženir logistike (German, English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian)
    Nikola Petkovič (English, Serbo-Croatian)
  • Administration:
    Maja Štukelj (German, English, Serbo-Croatian)

Contact details

  • Dušan Cimerman
    tel. 0038673567850, GSM: 0038641679350, e-mail:


  • Dejan Cimerman
    tel. 0038673637396, GSM: 0038651686821, e-mail:


  • Nikola Petkovič
    tel. 0038659943363, GSM: 0038641305961, e-mail:


  • Maja Štukelj
    tel. 0038673637396, GSM: 0038640155693 e-mail:

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